Sunday, 25 March 2012

Praise for the Spirit of Youth

I can't believe I'm hearing myself saying this, but last night's 'Britain's Got Talent' (apart from the sideshow acts) left me emotional and inspired.

While politicians and bankers have been playing self-interested games with people's lives, two acts in particular - 'Only Boys Aloud' and 'Jonathan & Charlotte' - magnificently dispelled the much-held belief that the youth of today is becoming increasingly disaffected or downtrodden.

I'm not ashamed to say I shed a tear watching them sing their guts out in the face of the mess that short-termist opportunists and strategists have made of their generation's prospects.

They've been so badly let down, but last night I caught a glimpse of a future with hope.


  1. We can change the world for better, if we still believe in this sentence.

  2. Most of the youth of today IS disaffected or downtrodden, or in this case, puffed up. The finalists may have a future in entertainment, but for the rest, turn them upside down and give them a good shake and you're unlikely to get anything worth having out of them.

    I was looking to see if you've ripped into the banks again. Surely you can think of something to say about Barclays. Why do they have Americans running the company these days? That's got to be a good start.

  3. I'd considered another bank post, but there's nothing new to add to my long-held views re ineptitude and greed - they've merely been reaffirmed. Where's the mileage in something that's gone beyond farce?