Monday, 5 March 2012

The Banks have their heads in the Trough again while ours are in the Sand

Despite the Base Rate holding at 0.5%, we have a swathe of banks lining up to increase their lending rates.

Lets just remind ourselves that they mugged us once already and, like the gamblers they are - or addicts chasing the dragon for that next buzz - they're back cap in hand to gullible Aunty Public hoping to recoup their losses.  Never mind that they've written off billions to countries on the brink of bankruptcy - who, ironically, borrowed at rates far cheaper than you or I can negotiate due to their 'sound' credit rating!

Or maybe they're just looking for ways to fund the compensation they're having to fork out for the PPI they also mis-sold us.

Bend over again, everyone - this might hurt a little. It wouldn't be British to complain, but we can all look on and tut.

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