Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Looking for Work and over 50 in London?

I tell you, it's tough out there.  Jobs, when there are any, are going to the younger candidates - which is fair, as I've had my shot (though I need an income), but even then we have one in five school leavers out of work at the other end of the spectrum.

It's frustrating, when you're just as capable as you were when last in work, trying to escape the self-perpetuating spiral of employers becoming less interested in you the longer you remain off the scene.  I'm being pragmatic, looking outside of my usual City sector and applying for positions (not even in management) at half my previous salary, but no nibbles ....

UPDATE 19 May '12:  ... and employers are becoming ever more imaginative with their explanations for opting for the younger candidate.  I couldn't believe these quotes from one of my LinkedIn forums ... the person who got the job was "earlier in their learning curve" (!) and "had a 'longevity' advantage".  So experience counts for nothing? And will they really get less service from an older person who is probably more loyal than the ambitious greenhorn who will have moved on in a couple of years' time?

UPDATE 3 Jul '12:  I was asked to contribute my views in this interview, soundbites of which will hopefully find their way into a radio piece over the next month or so. Be warned, though, its 15 mins in length so you might want to pull up a chair and a warm brew - and, as I felt I should be serious, it's a bit monotone!

UPDATE 8 Nov '12:  Hello! Still looking and utilising every resource under the sun ... job alerts by Twitter and email, forums, professional groups like LinkedIn, direct approaches and good old fashioned networking.  Jobcentre are worse than useless, forever changing their agencies, who in turn have a high consultant turnover.  Actions don't get followed through, their systems are archaic (email was down for over a week recently) and, frankly, they can't get their heads around what I've done and what I'm looking for.  But they're trying - very.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Julian Assange (WikiLeaks) - Where do I stand with him now?

I'm confused right now. As an Aussie who champions openness and fair play, I've been eagerly awaiting clearance of Assange's name in Sweden so that I can finally rally solidly behind him - but his massive ego still keeps getting in the way. He doesn't seem to like taking advice, even from confidantes trying to protect him from himself. The journo Heather Brooke accuses him of having some kind of Messiah complex, but it seems to me she might have an axe to grind (frustrated guilt?).  The Royal Courts of Justice aren't the only ones still reserving judgment, Julian.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

End the Greed

... and the London looters aren't much worse than the relatively few unscrupulous financiers who got us into this mess in the first place - just a bit messier.  Someone came out at the top at our expense.  For my views on market manipulators, AKA 'Looters in Suits' (particularly earlier posts), see Facebook page "Let's Sink Anthony Ward ("Choc Finger", Armajaro) and his greedy ilk".

Friday, 12 August 2011

London Looting Lunacy

To the lowlife who went on the rampage and got busted - hope the moment of madness was worth having your future prospects ruined by the mark against your CRB record.