Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Shut Katie Hopkins Down

Enough is Enough.

Katie Hopkins has had more than her fair share of the limelight and it's time to stop lining her pockets by giving her the media oxygen to spout her obscene views.

She says she stands by everything she says and that she has "integrity", but there's a huge difference between speaking 'honestly' (suggesting she never takes a contrary view just to raise her profile) and insulting or hurting people.  Regardless of your darkest private thoughts, some things are best not said, but she CHOOSES to disregard people's feelings.

Yesterday's appearance on Loose Women was the final straw and provided a perfect example of her twisted logic.

Not only did she fail to apologise to Coleen Nolan and her family for the cruel trolling of Coleen's sister Linda, by making hurtful references to her appearance when she was battling breast cancer, but she felt this was justified because she was defending Linda's CBB nemesis Jim Davidson.

So it's OK to wade in and say unspeakable things about someone on the one hand while claiming virtuous qualities like loyalty on the other.

Except Jim apologised and Katie won't.

We need to make it clear to TV producers and newspaper editors that we see through this controversy magnet and implore them to stop giving her a platform - everyone might have a right to free speech, but this doesn't make our media any less culpable for magnifying the views of a sociopath to attract their own audiences.




Unsurprisingly, I was attacked on Twitter almost immediately after publishing this for not upholding the principles - indeed, not understanding the concept - of the free speech I claim to embrace.  It's usually defined as: "The right to speak without censorship or restraint by the government" but this has also been expanded by the Offense Principle.

My opinion (to which I am entitled!) is that there is no reason to sink to personal insults or to abandon civility, decency and respect when expressing a view.  The Free Speech lobby want it 'no holds barred' but, I'm sorry, this paves the way for people to go up to a child with a learning difficulty and call them a retard without fear of retribution - or allows hate preachers to publicly poison people's minds or incite murder.  We all want to live in a society like that, right?? 

Someone pointed out that there are bigger problems in the world like ISIS - my point exactly.  People like Katie are at the very root of driving a wedge in society through lack of tolerance and inflaming hate.


  1. I have only just joined Twitter and will soon remove myself, I find the comments abhorrent. anyone who thinks it acceptable to behave in this manner is as bad, I wonder how they would feel if it were one of their relatives Ms Hopkins has insulted, and I see she continues today with bullying comments about Coleen Nolan shame on her. Good Luck but sadly I think there are many who are like her that will feed her ego.

    1. Stick with Twitter. Just because other people abuse it, you shouldn't be deprived of a voice. Nor to enjoy the social benefits for which it was intended. Have fun with it.