Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Big Brother - beyond Orwell's worst nightmares

Original post: 18 June 2013
I usually like my posts to have a bit of a shelf life, but my 'Rage-o-Meter' hit red last night when C5's 'Big Brother' programme issued a contestant with a formal warning for 'inappropriate language' (I think they stopped just short of suggesting she was racist) because she stated a personal preference not to date black men.

So, if I wouldn't go out with someone over 70 - would that make me ageist?  Or, being straight, date a gay man (if I wasn't already married) - I'd be branded a homophobe?  Or someone who didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair? - Good Grief, they'd have me down as a Nazi!

The effect of such misinterpretation of the spirit of the law is that, rather than promote social harmony, it actually drives a wedge further through it.

Channel 5 should retract.

Update: CBB 24 August 2013

... and they've done it again.  Warned a contestant for saying the 'N' word in proper context while recounting a story widely reported in the press - not directed at anyone or used in a malicious way.  It was bleeped out (rightly so), but then spoken and aired by the producers themselves when issuing a formal warning.  I'm sure higher powers are doing this deliberately to gauge how well the public interpret what constitutes offence and to stimulate debate ... either that or C5's legal advisers are incompetent (IMHO) or, at best, hypocritical.

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