Monday, 24 October 2011

"An Equality Too Far"

These were the words of Adrian Smith, a Christian housing manager demoted (with a substantial drop in pay) by Trafford Housing Trust in the UK for PRIVATELY expressing his views on church marriages for gay couples.  I have no objection to Civil Ceremonies, as an expression of devotion and to bestow equal legal rights in respect of property, etc., but why should the church be expected to compromise on one of the principles of its faith?  Would you set up a pork sandwich stall at a tabernacle or mosque celebration?  And don't call me homo'phobic' to make me look intolerant - I don't have a 'fear' of homosexuality and, in fact, have managed to reconcile my own faith with acceptance of the individual.  Why is it, in a supposedly melting-pot society, that Christianity is being constantly goaded while people walk on eggshells around other religions?  As for the PC-blinded Trafford Housing Trust?  A sense of perspective, please!


  1. 100% my opinion too Mr R. In this day I believe Gay couples have every right to expect the Same legal and social rights as every other straight couple , but until they can twist the words so they don't say that marriage is an institution entered into by a man and a Woman then I believe that Marriage is something impossible for Gays

  2. Absolutely agreed, Old Bean. The Council is clearly out of order, and the Courts will reprimand it. It is reasonable for the Council to ask staff not to officially comment on religious & social matters in the course of their work, but it is not reasonable for the Council to reach right across into the domain of Facebook, Social networking, and conversations "down the pub."

    I should be able to express the opinion that Gay couples should have the right to civil marriage, if that what a Society wants. It's another matter altogether for Religions to be told to suppress their own views.

    As my father used to say: "Let Gays marry. Let them separate. Let them sue for divorce.
    Let them argue over who gets the dog and who gets the sofa. Let them pay maintenance, let the ruin their credit rating, their social circle, and their lives in general. Let them have the right to be miserable." But this was his personal opinion - not the opinion of his employer.

  3. It looks like they wanted to get rid of him all along and so they took an oportunity when it was presented to them. Adrian Smith should consider himself lucky that the Trafford Council don't have a coloseum with lions!